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Mechanical Engineering
Team 33

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Joshua Dupont
Patrick Haggerty
Nickolai Serebriakov

Jiong Tang

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Electromagnetic Expulsion of a Cylindrical Body from an Outer Tube

The Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) is a full spectrum research, test,
development, engineering, and support center for the US Navy. They have mentored this project
with the goal of researching and building a method of launching an Unmanned Undersea Vehicle
(UUV) electromagnetically. This project is a continuation of a project, initiated last year, and
must feature a metal launching tube and watertight hatch doors at each end of the barrel. This
project is also a joint project working with ECE 2020, who is responsible for creating the
electromagnetic method for launching the UUV.
Following joint efforts by both teams we determined that our project would be a 3-Stage
Coil Gun, featuring a 316 stainless steel barrel, and hinged, aluminum hatch doors on the breech
and muzzle of the barrel. The barrel material was chosen to minimize electromagnetic
interference while maintaining acceptable structural integrity. The breech-side hatch door is
connected by tubing to flood and drain valves to fill the loaded barrel with water to equalize
pressure when opening the muzzle door for launch, and then to drain the water in the barrel for
reloading. This design also features internal rails to fit and launch the same 2inch projectile from
last year’s project. The non-ferrous projectile will be launched out of the barrel using a cast iron,
consumable sled. We determined this design would be an acceptable iteration to last year’s
design to meet the goals set by our mentor.